CEO, Primary Therapist

Anastasia Canfield

Anastasia is a board-certified music therapist, nationally certified counselor, and licensed professional counselor candidate. She provides individual and group therapy, music education, and neurodivergent coaching.


Music Therapist

Nathan Fry

Nathan is a board-certified music therapist. He provides individual and group therapy particularly specializing in grief, loss, bereavement, and other socioemotional concerns.














Anastasia Canfield, MA, MT-BC, LPCC, NCC, hails from Texas, but has found a new home in Colorado, where she has lived since 2013. She is a master’s level board-certified music therapist (MT-BC), licensed counselor in Colorado (LPCC), and nationally certified counselor (NCC) having earned her first master’s degree in Neurologic Music Therapy from Colorado State University in 2016. Her studies encompassed a broad overview of music therapy with all populations, but Anastasia pursued extra clinical hours working in schools and mental health clinics to emphasize her interest in Psychiatric Music Therapy. Her master’s research focused on music therapy with a child with an emotional disability in a specialized classroom. Anastasia has worked as a board-certified music therapist for over five years, offering individual and group services addressing a variety of individualized goals at facilities and private practices such as Highlands Behavioral Health System, Rocky Mountain Music Therapy, and the Colorado Mental Health Institute at Fort Logan. She specializes in music therapy with mental health populations across the lifespan, as well as children and young adults with developmental disabilities, intellectual disabilities, and autism spectrum disorders. Anastasia has recently completed her clinical training at Brightside Counseling as an intern under Dr. Angela Schubert, PhD, LPC, while she pursued her second master’s degree, Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling from Northwestern University, to earn dual licensure as a board-certified music therapist (MT-BC) and a licensed professional counselor (LPC).

During her previous work as a music therapist in hospital and private practice settings, she worked with children through older adults with various mental health difficulties ranging from situational depression, chemical dependency, and anxiety disorders to severe and persistent mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, personality disorders, and dissociative identity disorder. Anastasia offered groups and individual music therapy addressing goals relevant and specific to participants’ lives through experiences such as expressive songwriting, supportive risk taking through percussion improvisation, group cohesion and trust through active music-making, insight discovery through song discussion/analysis, and music-guided relaxation strategies. She subscribes to a trauma-informed and humanistic approach to therapy, believing that all humans have worth, and with careful intention and guidance, can improve their mental health and well-being.

Anastasia serves as treasurer for the Colorado Association for Music Therapy and is an avid conference attendee and presenter; she has presented student passages sessions, concurrent lecture sessions, and continuing music therapy education courses on a variety of topics including, but not limited to impostor syndrome in music therapy students, professionals, and healthcare professionals; cultural competence in music therapy; and the neurobiology and neurochemistry of music relevant to clinical application.

Anastasia prefers to remain busy and craves learning, but in her limited free time she enjoys hiking, attending concerts, performing and writing music as Anastasia Rose and with her ska band, Then I Fly, spending time with her dogs and cat, Bane, Stormageddon, and Jaina, gardening, and reading.


  • MA, Mental Health Counseling – Northwestern University (2020)

  • Graduate Certificate: Psychology of Leadership – Cornell University (2019)

  • MM, Neurologic Music Therapy – Colorado State University (2016)

  • BA, Music – Texas Woman’s University (2013)

Licenses and Certifications

  • Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate (LPCC.0017889)

  • Board-Certified Music Therapist (12291)

  • Psychological First Aid 

  • Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers (American Heart Association | American Stroke Association)

  • Crisis Prevention Institute: Nonviolent Crisis Intervention (NC99D712)

Anastasia Canfield, MA, MT-BC, LPCC, NCC


Nathan Fry, MM, MT-BC


Nathan Fry is a lifelong musician originally from New Mexico and came to Colorado from Texas where he received his bachelor's degrees in piano performance and psychology at Texas Lutheran University. In the fall of 2013, he passed his CBMT exam and became board-certified music therapist and completed his master's in music therapy from Colorado State University that same December. Nathan has been playing piano since he was six years old and considers music to be an essential element of his whole life. Growing up wanting to be a doctor and help others, he found his true passion in the realm of psychology and mental health in high school and college, and decided to pursue the career of music therapy.


Nathan has a wide range of experiences, having helped clients with neurological disorders including stroke, Parkinson's Disease and Autism Spectrum Disorder, anxiety management for adolescents and cancer patients, working with hospice patients and clients undergoing grief through an internship with Pathways Hospice in Colorado, and treating clients over a wide age range both in supervised work during school and his work as a professional. He has a deep sense of care for others and a passion for serving individuals through music, particularly when it comes to their emotional needs. Nathan enjoys various creative activities, including composing his own music, painting, cooking, playing D&D, and creative writing, as well as going on hikes and camping with friends and his dog. Nathan plans to continue growing his professional work through continuing education, and hopes to one day become a licensed counselor as well as a music therapist, and become trained in multiple areas of music therapy, such as the Helen Bonnie method and others.