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Sonia Dominguez

Lead Music Therapist

Currently accepting clients and students of all ages Mondays through Thursdays online and at the Creative Remedies office in Aurora, Colorado by appointment. She offers individual and group music therapy, adaptive/therapeutic music lessons, and traditional music lessons specializing in voice, guitar, piano, music theory, and songwriting.

Music Therapy: $65 per 50 minute session


Music Students: $35-$65 per music lesson


*Pay what you can options available -- inquiry necessary to qualify*


Sonia is also leading our Neurodivergent Children's Social Music Group on Wednesdays biweekly from 4:00-4:45pm

Sonia Dominguez, MT-BC, Lead Music Therapist


Internship Experience: Creative Remedies LLC. Supervised by Anastasia Canfield, MM, MA, LPC, NCC, MT-BC, RPT Spring 2023

-Variety of clientele in home, telehealth, in clinic, and via contracted facilities 

-Conducted client consultations, intakes, and assessments

-Hosted weekly Social media music therapy informational demo sessions 

-Researched, conducted, facilitated, and presented a case study with DV/SA survivors and the benefit of music therapy in that population

-Worked with individuals, groups, and families in a variety of settings and populations

-conducted research, created a proposal, and was selected to present at CCA (Colorado Counseling Association) with her supervisor in August. 

-Worked collaboratively with other healthcare professionals with Therapies for Hope

Therapies for Hope- Non-profit organization 2023

-Worked cohesively with other healthcare professionals during weekly intensives

-Worked with underserved children and adolescents with a variety of Developmental and intellectual disabilities within the Denver Metro Communities

-Created and tracked weekly smart goals for 5+ children a week

-Created 5+ Therapy reports and parent visual reports

- Conducted weekly parent therapist conferences to discuss progress, recommendations, and connect with helpful resources in the area. 

Foothills Gateway Adult Rehabilitation Center Practicum placement- Fall 2022

  -Worked with a group of 9-15 adults with Intellectual and developmental 


  -Goals and objectives in communication, motor control, self-control, education, and 

   positive self image. 

  -Conducted client Assessment and interviews 

  - Focused on a sense of community and feeling important using lots of TIMP

  -Worked with lots of instruments and conducted TMEs on guitar, piano, Q-chord, recorded 


Parkinson’s Disease Exercise Group Practicum placement- Spring 2022

Co-facilitated a group of individuals diagnosed with PD both in person and virtual with a Certified Physical therapist from Pouder Valley Hospital in the CSU Clinic.

  -Worked cohesively with another healthcare professional

  -Facilitated movement to music

  -Matched live music to movements/exercises of real time individuals (PSE)

  -Diverse repertoire in duple and triple meter with strum patterns to emphasize and facilitate 


  -Conducted Client Assessment, interview, and data tracking

  -Goals in movement and sensorimotor objectives

Olander Elementary Practicum placement- Fall 2021

  -Worked with a group of 9 children in grades K-5th with Intellectual and developmental 


  -Created adaptive and visual TMEs

  -Utilized multiple different communication devices

  -Goals and objectives in communication, motor control, self-control, education, and 

   positive self image. 

Parkinson’s Disease Singing Group- Spring 2021

Rehabilitative Rhythms, Colorado Springs

  -Service Learning


  -Sensorimotor Goals in maintenance 

Parkinson’s Disease Exercise Group- Fall 2020 

  -Service Learning

  -CSU and Poudre Valley hospital


  -Sensorimotor Goals in maintenance 


Check out my Interview with BOLD JOURNEY


The services I currently offer are: Individual Music Therapy, Group Music Therapy, Couples and family Music therapy, and traditional or adaptive Music Lessons. I specialize in (but am not limited to): Trauma, childhood trauma, suicide ideation, self-harm, depression, anxiety, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, coping skills, grief, women's issues, and neurodiversity.


Why I Became A Music Therapist

 Growing up I always had a love for music, creativity, self expression, and the neuroscience behind it all. Music has always been my passion. Growing up I did not have the most traditional childhood and was in and out of different facilities which exposed me to the profession of music therapy. I learned later on in life in my collegiate career I was struggling with a learning disability; Dyslexia. These experiences fostered a sense of compassion, empathy, and humanism within me. They electrified the need for me to stand as an advocate for neurodiversity and trauma informed care. Ultimately, it sparked my interest in helping children and adolescents like myself  in the future. Since then I have made great strides to be where I am today and use my niche skills, knowledge, and experience with mental health, neurodiversity, and trauma informed care to help others receive the support they need. 


Music Therapy Bachelor of Music degree from Colorado State University

Board-Certified Music Therapist - CBMT #18933

Working with Suicidal Clients Training

Psychological First Aid training 



I completed my Music Therapy Bachelor of Music degree from Colorado State University. I am now practicing as a professional Music Therapist Creative Remedies, LLC. I am a neurodivergent clinician passionate about creating a client centered experience with my clients eliminating as much of the power dynamic as possible. I am a trauma informed, humanistic, and neurologic informed clinician. I have made great strides to be where I am today and use my niche evidence-based skills, knowledge, and experiences to support my clients to achieve our cohesive goals.

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