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Practicum & Internship

Creative Remedies, LLC offers music therapy practicum and internship experiences to fulfill and complete music therapy clinical hour requirements. 





Capoeira Music Instruments

Practicum and internship requirements depend on the contracts between universities and Creative Remedies, LLC. However, generally, you can expect to work with a variety of clientele utilizing several different music therapy approaches along with support, supervision, and guidance from highly qualified music therapists who have experience in private practice, public and private hospital sectors, nonprofit community organizations, and more. 

If you are specifically interested in the internship experience, please see the following information:

Anastasia Canfield is the internship director and clinical supervisor for the internship experience. Depending on scheduling, you may have options to observe and work with other employees in the practices to enrich your experience with different styles/approaches of music therapy. 

Creative Remedies currently provides music therapy services in person in Aurora, Colorado at the clinic site, at various facilities near the clinic, and online.

The clientele served by these private practices spans a wide age range (usually ages 3-middle age) with a variety of diagnoses, primarily Neurodiversity and traumatized or mental health populations, on an individual basis with some opportunities for group leadership. Some of the facilities Creative Remedies music therapists go to serve older adults including senior living and memory care, interpersonal violence, animal-assisted therapies, disabled adults, and support groups for anxiety and depression. Creative Remedies focuses on community offerings which is reflected in the Program Proposal project that is required for all interns of the Creative Remedies music therapy internship.

In addition to the application below, please also provide via email (

- unofficial transcript (electronic via email is fine) from all universities attended (not just music therapy if you have other degrees)
- 2 letters of recommendation; one from your program, the second can be from any recommender, please have your recommenders email them to me directly rather than going through you
- sample assessment and treatment plan
- resume/CV
- any questions you have about the internship

After these items and the application are received, you will be informed of either your rejection from the internship experience or moving forward to the interview portion of the application. You will receive this via email within 5 business days of receipt of all of the above application requirements. If for some reason, you have not received an email within this timeframe, please email and/or call/text (720) 780-0111

Practicum & Intern Testimony

Karrie Chambless, MT-BC

"I moved from Texas to Colorado late in 2016, taking a gap year to get on my feet in a new place and to connect with several members of the Colorado Association of Music Therapists by becoming a student member and attending one of their social gatherings. No one in attendance was able to provide practicum supervision, so I sent an email to the CAMT members in search of a practicum supervisor.

Anastasia supervised my final semester practicum, and eventually established Rocky Mountain Music Therapy’s internship program for me. At the end of practicum, I wasn’t finding an internship in Colorado and began looking out of state. I’ll never forget the day she called me with the news that she was going to supervise my internship, I was driving and had to pull over and cry. Over the next year, we became great friends and colleagues.

Anastasia met me where I was, then helped me grow into the kind of music therapist I wanted to be. Anastasia listens, she communicates strengths and areas for growth with the same compassion she shows her clients, and everyone for that matter.  She created new opportunities for growth where none existed, contacting local organizations, and opening the door to a broader are of service for me and the community. She makes sure you learn what you want to know as well as what you need to know!"

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