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How it Works

How It Works

Music and other creative arts are naturally healing in their own right. Because of this, Creative Remedies offers a multi-tiered approach to education and therapy.  We offer our first lesson/session/assessment at no cost to you because we believe in the power of the arts and we are committed to matching you/your loved one to the most appropriate service based on your strengths, areas of improvement, and personal goals. 

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Our Story

Creative Remedies, LLC was established February 19, 2019 by Anastasia Canfield who continues to own and operate the private practice. We first served individuals in their homes providing music therapy or music lessons. Since then, Creative Remedies has expanded to a home office space in Aurora, Colorado and provides services in the clinic space as well as at various contracting facilities in the community. We now offer many more services and plan to continue growing!

The main mission of Creative Remedies is to provide accessible and inclusive services to all intersections, ages, and neurotypes. We aim to expand to offer as many creative therapies and educational opportunities as possible under one roof. We currently offer clinical mental health counseling, music therapy, play therapy, expressive arts therapy, and music lessons. 

​Our team also has a diverse array of knowledge, experience, and expertise that we are eager to share through consultation, supervision, corporate services, and/or internships!

Creative Remedies is committed to an economic justice initiative. We do not turn clients or students away based on financial need. We work on a pay-what-you-can model which means we have standard rates, but we will work with your budget to provide the care you deserve if our regular rates are cost prohibitive. Our mission is to serve the community and we realize financial situations can change quickly and we are flexible to work with those changes.

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