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Consult with a Board-Certified Music Therapist to upgrade your toolkit, discover how to utilize music effectively and safely, provide services to your team, or even discover a new career! Reach out today, tell us about yourself, and discover how Music Therapy will enhance your practice, workplace, career and more. We also offer ethical business consulting, where you can learn how to run a values-driven practice successfully in a Capitalist world.

Help People Help People With Music

Music Therapy Consulting for Helping Professionals

For professional counselors, therapists, school counselors,  teachers, parents/caregivers, activity directors, and more. Consult with us on how to use music in a safe and efficacious way to augment the work they’re already doing. It's more than asking about a favorite song or playing music you believe to be relaxing. While we are always advocates for the healing power in music, when utilized improperly it can not only be ineffective, but can actually cause serious harm in the wrong situation. Consult with us today and learn how to avoid those pitfalls, enhance your work with music, and do so confidently with the backing of a Board-Certified Music Therapist.


Music Therapy Consulting for Inspiring Current and Upcoming Professionals

Talk with one of our Music Therapists to learn more about the field, provide insight on current trends in the industry, discover new/updated techniques, and more. Whether you're a high school student starting your journey, a professional considering a career shift, a current music therapist looking to up your game, or anything in between, we have the expertise to provide you with the supervision you need.

Music Therapy for Your Team

Music Therapy Consulting for Businesses and Corporations

Music therapy can significantly benefit businesses and corporations by reducing stress and anxiety among employees, leading to increased productivity and lower absenteeism. It fosters teamwork and communication through group music-making activities, promoting a more cohesive workforce. Additionally, music stimulates creativity and innovative thinking, contributing to the development of new ideas and solutions within the company. Moreover, strategically using music in marketing and customer service can influence customer moods and behaviors, potentially boosting sales and customer satisfaction. Consult with one of our Music Therapists today and discover how music therapy can enhance your business.

Please respond via the linked form and we'll send you a link to schedule your FREE 15 initial meeting.

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