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Marina Fredregill

Music Therapy Intern

Currently accepting new music therapy clients and music students of all ages and neurotypes on Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays at the Creative Remedies office or online.

Music Therapy: $0-$30 per 50 minute session


Music Students: $0-$30 per lesson


*Pay what you can options available -- inquiry necessary to qualify*

Marina Fredregill


Marina is a Music Therapy Intern under the supervision of Anastasia Canfield. She is completing her internship at Creative Remedies, LLC which consists of 1200 clinical hours. She has worked with a variety of populations throughout her educational and professional experience, including:

  • Residents at Shell Rock Assisted Living

    • Co-led one-on-one music therapy over Zoom for client with dementia  

  • Waverly Children’s Center 

    • Co-led a group of toddlers in musical exploration 

  • Wartburg Music Therapy Lab 

    • Led one-on-one music therapy for a young adult client with a TBI 

  • Cedar Valley Friends of the Family 

    • Led group music therapy for women in a domestic violence shelter


Why I Became a Music Therapist

The first time I had ever heard of music therapy was a random day in the summer of 2019 when my mother showed me a video that came up on her Instagram. It was some post about the “power of music” and was most likely not legitimate ‘music therapy’, but because it came up, it allowed my mom to remember the fact that one of her hair clients was a music therapist. Being the owner of her own hair salon, my mom met a lot of random people and one of them just so happened to be a music therapist that shared her story. Due to that moment of advocacy, I not only learned what music therapy was and shortly after applied for Wartburg, but I also reached out to that specific therapist so I could write a paper about music therapy. Because of this wonderful chain of events, I was able to discover my passion for music therapy and began to determine how I want to go about the world as a future therapist. 



I have just completed the academic side of my Music Therapy Bachelor of Music Degree from Wartburg College, and currently serve as an intern for Creative Remedies LLC. I am a certified Victim Counselor Advocate through 

ICADV (Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence) as of 9/11/22. I’m originally from West Des Moines, Iowa, and recently moved to the Denver area. I’m a passionate, neurodivergent future-music therapist that's excited to grow and learn!

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