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Myah Precie

Music Therapist

Currently accepting clients and students of all ages Sundays through Wednesdays online and at the Creative Remedies office in Aurora, Colorado by appointment. She offers individual and group music therapy, adaptive/therapeutic music lessons, and traditional music lessons specializing in voice, guitar, piano, music theory, and songwriting.

Music Therapy: $65 per 50 minute session


Music Students: $35-$65 per music lesson


Currently accepting CES, SLS, CLLI, and CHRP Medicaid Waivers

*Pay what you can options available -- inquiry necessary to qualify*


Myah Precie, MT-BC


Elevate Music Therapy - Windsor/Timnath/Greeley,CO                                              

  • Planned and led 24 client caseload by the end of internship

  • Worked mainly in the pediatric population with Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy co treatments.

  • Worked with older adults at Innovage and completed a 6 month program to address memory recall, attention, motor, emotional and social skills

  • Goal areas: Coping skills, decreasing anxiety, increasing confidence and improving emotional regulation

  • Successfully documented SOAP notes, wrote care plan updates, assessments and discharge paperwork

  • Completed internship projects about different music therapy approaches, goal and intervention overlap, and sensory regulation as well as research articles from a variety of populations and areas of interest such as PTSD and NICU.

  • Completed final internship presentation that included information on imaginative play within music therapy techniques for pediatrics and adolescents 


Rocky Mountain High School - Fort Collins, CO                                                         

  • Planned and led an in-person 45 minute music therapy session with 12 group members in person.

  • Goal areas: Coping skills, decreasing anxiety, increasing confidence and improving emotional regulation

  • Successfully used SOAP, DAP and narrative notes throughout the semester

  • Completed final colloquium presentation that included information on music therapy techniques for adolescents specifically addressing self esteem, coping skills and working memory


CSU Parkinson’s Disease Dance Group - Fort Collins, CO                                         

  • Planned and led 1 hour live music therapy sessions for about 2-5 group members in person and via telehealth.

  • Goal areas: Lower extremity movement, back and core strength, decrease anxiety.

  • Completed an individualized assessment and used SOAP notes to document progress for 1 client.


Good Samaritan - Loveland, CO Memory Care Unit                                                 

  • Planned and led 30-minute live music therapy sessions with up to 5 group members via TeleHealth

  • Goal areas: sustained attention, memory recollection, and social interaction.

  • Performed assessment and recorded data weekly to track the progress of 1 group member.


Good Samaritan - Loveland, CO                                                                                 

  • Led and observed 45-minutes of music therapy with 4-7 group members via TeleHealth

  • Goal areas: Lower and upper extremity movement, social interaction, and decrease anxiety.

  • Used SOAP notes to document progress for one client over the course of the semester.


Foundation Music School - Fort Collins, CO                                                             

  • Attended and participated in music therapy sessions focused on music skills and development for communication with younger children with autism spectrum disorder and developmental disabilities ages 4-12


Foundation Music School - Fort Collins, CO                                                            

  • Observed and assisted adolescent music group with ASD, DD and ID ages 12-21

  • Assisted supervising music therapist and other student music therapist with activities within the session


Colorado State University Fort Collins, CO (Fall 2018-May 2023)

  • Completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Therapy


The services I currently offer are: Individual Music Therapy, Group Music Therapy, and Traditional or Adaptive Music Lessons. I specialize in (but am not limited to): Client Centered Treatment, ASD, ID, DD, PD, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Rehabilitation, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Vision Impairment. I am also a feminist music therapist.


Myah is originally from Alaska where she discovered Music Therapy and started her journey with music. She moved to Fort Collins, Colorado, to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Music Therapy at Colorado State University in 2018. Myah completed her coursework in 2022 and graduated in 2023 following her internship with Elevate Music Therapy. 

In her internship, Myah worked at a private practice serving a primary population of pediatrics with intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities with opportunities for co-treatment with client's interdisciplinary team members, including occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy and equine therapy.

In her sessions, Myah creates a safe and nurturing environment where clients can explore their thoughts, feelings, and identities through music. Drawing from a variety of evidence-based techniques and interventions, she tailors her approach to meet the specific needs and goals of each client. Whether through songwriting, improvisation, lyric analysis, or music listening, Myah empowers clients to find their voice and express themselves authentically.

With a deep commitment to ongoing learning and growth, Myah frequently integrates and engages with research findings in her practice. She is dedicated to advocating for the rights and inclusion of individuals with disabilities, amplifying their voices and promoting social change.


Myah is excited to continue her work in music therapy and gain even more experience with patients who have experienced or are experiencing trauma through her client centered treatment. Myah is passionate about community outreach and education through music groups and volunteer opportunities. Committed to fostering a more inclusive environment, she strives to create spaces where all individuals can thrive and find belonging. When she’s not making music, Myah enjoys climbing, reading, art and being outside. 

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