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Education & healing is optimized by creativity

Serving all ages & walks of life reach their full potential

Because you are unique and your journey is too,

we offer our initial session at no cost

to help you determine which services are best to help you reach a meaningful and fulfilling place in life

How it Works

How It Works

Music and other creative arts are naturally healing in their own right. Because of this, Creative Remedies offers a multi-tiered approach to education and therapy.  We offer our first lesson/session/assessment at no cost to you because we believe in the power of the arts and we are committed to matching you/your loved one to the most appropriate service based on your strengths, areas of improvement, and personal goals. 

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"It used to be a battle to get [my child] to practice. After she began lessons with Anastasia, she practices every day without me asking!"

Mother of music student 

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